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The Energy Playhouse is a space to collect all of the divine clues that frameworks like Human Design and manifestation work offer us, and play with them for tangible, life changing results. I use a combination of my intuitive gifts, Human Design expertise, neural manifestation, and breathwork to create custom roadmaps for clients to design their most energetically aligned life and relationships. 


I am so excited you're here. A bit about me? I'm Lolo Kirk – a 5/1 manifesting generator, north node in scorpio, incarnation cross in the gate of listening. I've spent the past five years gaining expertise in human design, energy work, manifestation, and energy work. My entry point into this work was my own Human Design chart, which completely changed my life when I discovered it. I immediately began taking Human Design clients, and wanted to create a space for more comprehensive, ongoing work. Which brings us here! I can't wait to work with you. 

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